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Drum Pumps - air powered

Drum vacuum pumps for all fluids and spills. Spillrite drum pumps turn your old steel drums into powerful vacuum cleaners for all your spill and fluid recovery requirements. These pumps come in many configurations and can be two way drum pumps if need be. Often known as reversible drum pumps and drum vacs they are a low cost method of creating a spill control and fluid recovery system.


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The Spillrite drum pump range starts at 20 cfm for a low air consumption fluid recovery model. The 30 cfm model is designed for rapid spill control. The hi power model is the 40 cfm and this pump is designed for sludge, mud and thick oil. Using a 1/2" air connection it comes in the 4 different configurations as does each pump.

  1. Standard single way drum pump
  2. Two way reversible drum pump
  3. Anti static explosion proof drum pump
  4. Anti static explosion proof two way drum pump
Two way reverse pump - air powered  drum pump 30 RPO
Two way revers pump Vacuum only HIGH POWER pump drum pump 60 cfm500

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Each Spillrite UK drum pump kit includes the following;

Kit includes;

  • 38mm suction hose x 3 metres
  • 38mm chrome wand
  • 38mm squeegee floor tool
  • 50/40 steel reducing bush to connect to drum
  • 38mm male camlock
  • 38mm hosetail
  • vacuum ball valve Chicago fitting
  • pump with silencer fitted
  • chrome float valve with automatic shutoff
  • hose clamps
  • instruction sheet
  • 5 year warranty

Spillmaster SPO drum pumps

The Spillrite Drum Pump vacuum tank is a high powered twin pump rapid fluid/spill recovery system. The pumps can be twin 60 cfm units which offer superior power.

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Spillrite South Africa is operated by Luciana Construction who manufacture the vacuums locally in South Africa.


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Spillrite owns and operate this website. The principles of Spillrite have been involved in the vacuum industry for over 15 years selling to large industrial, agricultural, mining, marine and offshore companies. Our range of vacuums include pneumatic, electric, PD blowers and a wide range of custom built units for many applications.


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